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Sandcastl​e Nursery & Preschool Ltd.

Experienced - Educating - Nurturing - Safe - Homely

Frequently asked questions

What are the nursery opening times?

We are open 51 weeks of the year, closing on weekends, bank holidays and the Christmas and New Year break. We open at 7.30am-6.00pm.

What do I need to bring for my child when they start?

A a bag with a few changes of clothes, including lots of spare pants if your child is toilet training, your child's comfort and weather appropriate footwear and shoes. We provide all snacks , meals nappies and wipes.

How will you settle my child?

Our settling sessions are flexible and will be individual to each child. We start with a set of settle in sessions which may change during the settle in process dependent on how the individual child settles. All children are different and unique and some factors may impact on how a child will settle in, for example; if a child has never been left before, the child’s age, temperament and home routine. These sessions are free.

Will my child have a key person?

A key person is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a small group of children who help those children in the group feel safe and cared for. This person is also responsible for the child's Learning Journey and communicating information to parents and carers. Once your child has settled in, you will be informed of the practitioner who will be your child's key person.

What information will I receive about my child's learning?

Each child has a learning journey that they take home at the end of each week, this contains pictures and observations about what your child has been doing. Each term you will receive a summary report on your child's development that term, highlighting their achievements and next steps for the term ahead.

How will I know what food my child will eat?

The weekly menu will be sent out to you each Friday for the week ahead. Baby room have menus stuck into their learning journeys so that you know what they have eaten each day. Toddler and Preschool rooms have a white board outside each room which will advise if your child has not eaten a meal.