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Sandcastl‚Äče Nursery & Preschool Ltd.

Experienced - Educating - Nurturing - Safe - Homely

Baby room

When starting in the baby room you will be invited to spend half an hour to play together. This is a good time for the key person to get to know you, your baby and their routine. We also offer home visits if parents/carers wish to start the settling in process from home.

A typical day in the baby room will involve singing and rhymes, bubbles, sensory play, treasure baskets and physical play both inside and outside.

There are quiet, soft, cosy areas for babies to snuggle up in and look at books or play peek a boo!

Babies individual routines are followed ensuring that each baby gets the care which they require, enabling them to learn and develop happily in their own time.

There is a separate sleeping area and all babies have their own bedding and cots.

The practitioner to child ratio in the baby room is 1:3.